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Chenta Helical Gear
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Negara AsalTaiwan
Chenta Helical Gear has wide range ratio from 1: 5 to 1: 120
Horsepower Range from 1/ 4 HP to 75 HP
Features : - According to German Institute For Standardization ( DIN ) design
- High efficiency, high strength, and low noise
- Complete specifications come out diverse installation
- Cast iron made housing strengthen the crash - against
- Except ratio 1/ 5 - 1/ 20 for 2 Stages Gear Design, ratio 1/ 25-1/ 120 all for 3 Stages Gear Design
- Differing from only 1 bearing support, our 2 bearing support Input Pinion come out steady rotation
- Motor' s shaft Insert design on Input Flange make easy to Install IEC or Nema Motor
- Gear parts with precise procession make gears rotation even quieter and more efficient
- Installation and shaft dimension are compatible with Germany brand
- Beauty appearance and light weight
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